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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Has this ever been you? You are at work, trying to ignore the tingling and numbness in your hand and wrist that has been persistent for the past few weeks, maybe even months. Suddenly, you experience a sharp piercing pain that travels from your fingers through to your wrist and up into your arm, ouch! If …

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IMS: Intramuscular Stimulation

How Does it Work? IMS uses acupuncture needles to specifically target injured muscles, which have tightened/contracted as a result of injury/stress. The needles are inserted into the affected areas, which can be directly into the tight bands of muscles, or near the spine where the nerves have become irritated. Generally, the insertion of the needles is …

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Understanding Common Neck Injuries | White Rock Physio Clinic

Understanding Common Neck Injuries

It is estimated that 75% of the working population will experience neck or back pain during their career. Today we will learn how the neck works, why these injuries happen and how physiotherapy can help treat neck injuries. Understanding your neck Your neck is the upper part of your spine known as the cervical spine. It is comprised …

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Understanding Common Neck Injuries | White Rock Physio Clinic

What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy deals with restoring and maintaining functional movement, reducing pain and promoting health in individuals. As physiotherapists, we treat a wide array of conditions including: This is just to name a few! Physiotherapists are extensively trained in manual therapy which means we are “hands-on” with our patients. This may include massage and joint mobilisation and …

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