Fascia Stretch Therapy

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What is Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™)

Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) focuses on treating the fascia, the connective tissue enveloping muscles, organs, and nerves throughout the body. This interconnected fascial web plays a crucial role in posture, movement coordination, injury prevention, and overall body health. When the fascia is healthy, muscles can move smoothly, but injury or pressure can impair its flexibility, leading to discomfort and stiffness. FST™ utilizes gentle assisted stretching to alleviate discomfort and restore flexibility by hydrating and tractioning the fascia.

How Does Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) Work?

Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) takes a holistic approach to fascial health, focusing on the connective tissue system rather than isolating specific muscle groups. Therapists use carefully developed stretches and decompression techniques to apply progressive pressures across connective muscle tissue, Controlled traction allows for improved oxygenation and hydration, leading to tissue revitalization. The sustained elongation of fibers through continuous loading leads to lasting increases in mobility as fibers become capable of stretching over longer periods.

Benefits Of Improved Fascial Health

  • Increased Mobility & Flexibility
  • Improved Circulation & Recovery
  • Pain Relief
  • Injury Prevention
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Nervous System Regulation

What To Expect For Your First Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) Appointment

During your Fascia Stretch Therapy appointment, individuals are expected to lie face up or on their side while wearing athletic apparel that is both elastic and loose-fitting. Your therapist will employ static and dynamic mobility movements to gently traction and mobilize the targeted areas to get the desired results. Supporting straps, bars, or pivoting boards may benefit when giving decompression or shear loads on fascial layers. These are all examples of potential treatments.

The techniques used during an FST™ session are designed to be pain-free and cause minimal discomfort. The sensation that occurs as tissues gradually let go of their hold is akin to a release, a lengthening, or a warming sensation. Throughout the session, techniques are synced with long diaphragmatic breath work to better allow your body to relax into deeper ranges of motion. It is essential to arrange visits with adequate time for recovery to provide room for fascial remodeling in the intervals between sessions. The goal is to feel and see a progression in posture, flexibility, and movement dynamics within several sessions.

Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) Vs Massage Therapy

Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) and massage therapy both provide beneficial effects to the body, but they differ in their techniques and focus. FST™ primarily targets the fascia tissue, which is a connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles and organs in the body. This therapy involves moving the body through a series of stretches that aim to release tension and restore flexibility in the fascia. On the other hand, massage therapy targets soft tissues, such as muscles, ligaments and tendons, and involves applying pressure and manipulation techniques to relieve tension, reduce pain and increase mobility. Both therapies can help relieve stress, improve circulation, and aid in injury recovery. Choosing between the two depends on your specific needs and preferences, but trying both can be a great way to find what works best for you.

Looking for Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) near you?

Looking for Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) near you? Fascia Stretch Therapy FST ™ is now available at White Rock 16 Ave Physiotherapy & Wellness Clinic in South Surrey/White Rock for pain management & increased flexibility. It focuses on elongating connective tissue (fascia) for overall mobility. Try Fascia Stretch Therapy (FST™) for a deeper therapeutic experience! Call us now or book an appointment online!